Opaque White


This ink is specifically designed for screen painting, stencil and carved plate printing techniques. It can also be applied with a paintbrush or pipette.

It is a covering ink, designed for direct printing on dark clothes made from natural or mixed fibers.


  • This ink allows very fine and detailed printing. Its touch is nearly imperceptible, even though it has a very good covering power.
  • It is quite resistant to light exposure and rubbing.
  • The Opaque White is easy to use, screens and tools are only to be washed with soapy water and jet of water.
  • This products is nearly odorless and contains no dangerous solvent and no lead or heavy metal compounds.
  • As with all of our products, it will not work on synthetic fiber.

Instructions for use

If the ink has gotten too thick, add slightly some water while mixing until normal consistency has been reached.

Fixing the color will be obtained, after complete drying, with a hot iron (5mn in cotton position, without vapor). If you have one, use a heating tunnel (3mn at 160°C).

On very dark material, to obtain a good covering, you should print two white layers and dry between them.

48h after a good fixing, colors will resist in machine washing less or equal to 40°C.

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